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Conference of I3AE

11th International Conference on Acoustic Emission (ICAE11) and 28th International Acoustic Emission Symposium (IAES28)

will be held in Nagoya (Japan) on ... ...... ......, 2025 (exact date will be known soon)

I3AE - Nagoya 2025

About the International Institute of Innovative Acoustic Emission (IIIAE)
Prepared by Tomoki Shiotani, Chairman of AEWG, April 4th, 2012 and 
Hartmut Vallen, Chairman of EWGAE, June 28th, 2012

In order to promote the innovation in the technology and science of acoustic emission, three leading working groups on acoustic emission, AEWG, EWGAE and JCAE (listed in alphabetical order) have initiated the process of forming a coordinating organization, to be known as “the International Institute of Innovative Acoustic Emission”, or IIIAE in abbreviated form, through a steering committee. The steering committee drafted the Constitution and the By-Laws for furthering the cooperation among AE technologists, engineers and scientists throughout the world.

Establishing a formal body to continue ICAE through cooperation among the leading groups on AE

ICAE (International Conference on AE) started in 1980 at Anaheim and has since been held six times through Lake Tahoe in 2007. ICAE7 was continued in 2012 at Granada, Spain, in conjunction with EWGAE30 and ICAE8 in 2016 at Kioto, Japan was held already as Inauguration Conference of 3IAE, in conjunction with IAES23. Its international sponsorship has been informally organized on case-by-case basis primarily with the initiatives from the AEWG side, since JCAE (Japanese Committee on AE) and EWGAE have hosted their own international meetings every two years. ICAE5 was held jointly with JCAE’s IAES14, ICAE7 was hosted by EWGAE with EWGAE30 and next ICAE8 with IAES23, as noted above (Inauguration Conference of 3IAE).
In order to formalize the cooperative hosting of future international meetings, thereby to promote further exchange for innovative AE development, informal discussion has been under way for several years among leading members of the three working groups/committee (AEWG, JCAE and EWGAE).
The necessity for this move has become urgent since another series of international meetings on AE has started from WCAE Beijing in August 2011. The WCAE organizers gathered individuals from different countries and established a body named as International Society of Acoustic Emission (ISAE). ISAE plans to have a series of AE conferences every two years (as WCAE on odd years), with Shanghai, Brazil and Australia as next possible venues.
Both AEWG and EWGAE Chairs in attendance (Tomoki Shiotani and Hartmut Vallen) strenuously objected to this move as the proliferation of another series of meetings and because there was no prior consultation with other working groups. JCAE Chair (S. Wakayama) was absent at Beijing, but JCAE has officially decided not to take part in WCAE.
While the spread of AE technology to developing countries is desirable, uncoordinated hosting of international meetings without sound scientific and technical basis is harmful. It is also doubtful that WCAE can be hosted in countries where no national technical society or working group is involved in AE. It is the collective responsibility of the leading AE organizations, i.e., AEWG, JCAE and EWGAE, to maintain high R&D standards through appropriate screening of papers in their conference proceedings. Thus, by formalizing the cooperation among the three leading AE organizations, IIIAE (The International Institute of Innovative Acoustic Emission ) can fulfill the need of international AE community.

The International Institute of Innovative Acoustic Emission (IIIAE)

From recent discussion of the three Chairs of AEWG, JCAE and EWGAE and others, a mechanism of cooperation has taken shape with tentative name of The International Institute of Innovative Acoustic Emission, IIIAE. It can be established anywhere, since most business will be conducted among the delegates from the three Working Group Executive Committees (WG/cmt) during one of international meetings or through emails. Financial transaction is not involved. The objective is to set the basic rules of hosting future ICAE meetings; namely,
    -) 3-5 years interval,
    -) the three groups take turn in hosting,
    -) each group picks venue and host organization and
    -) hosting group sponsors the meeting financially

These are identical to the past practice, but IIIAE formalizes the practice in writing and legalizes it in a sense by registering IIIAE as a public entity. IIIAE will be governed by the Steering Committee (SC), consisting of nine members sent from the three WG/cmt (three per each group). The SC members select President, Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer and the President chairs the SC. Members of IIIAE comprise the three groups AEWG, JCAE, EWGAE and shall be open to add affiliate members. No membership due shall be collected. Direct benefit to members may develop from, e.g., the availability of past Proceedings when copyright issues can be resolved. Potentially, e-conferencing is another possibility and AE question/answer web site is also feasible. Further details are incorporated in the draft Constitution document.

Here are links to the Constitution of  IIIAE and to the website IIIAE

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