European Working Group on Acoustic Emission

Links & Events

www.iiiae.org     International Institute of Innovative Acoustic Emission (IIIAE)
www.aewg.org     The Acoustic Emission Working Group (AEWG)
www.cnea.gov.ar/cac/glea/     The Latin American Acoustic Emission Group (GLEA)
ICAE-9 & AEWG-61 / 3IAE-2019, Chicago, USA     61st Meeting of the Acoustic Emission Working Group (2019)
9th International Conference on Acoustic Emission (3IAE-2019)
(17-20 June, 2019)
E-GLEA 10, Neuquén, Argentina     10th meeting of the GLEA Group
(14-16 August, 2019)
WCAE 2019, Guangzhou, China     World Conference on Acoustic Emission - 2019
(05-08 November, 2019)
NDT.net     The Web's Largest Database of Nondestructive Testing (NDT)
Grainger Engineering Library     Grainger Engineering Library Acoustic Emission Database
www.vallen.de     Vallen Systeme GmbH, The Acoustic Emission Company
www.pacndt.com     Physical Acoustics Corporation, Acoustic Emission Measurement Technologies
www.interunis.ru     Interunis, Systems of Industrial Monitoring Company
www.soundwel.cn     Soundwel Technology Co., Ltd, Acoustic Emission System Manufacturer

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